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About Secret Santa Generator

Secret Santa Generator is a free, simple application that makes organizing a "secret santa" event a breeze. It's free, easy, and safe, with no signup required and no evil spam. Easily and randomly assign gift recipients through e-mail.

What is a "secret santa" event?

It's a fun, inexpensive way to give and receive gifts. You get a group of people together who want to participate, and each person is assigned a "secret santa" who buys gifts anonymously for him/her. You know who you're buying for, but your recipient doesn't!

OK, so how does the site work?


  1. Enter the names and e-mail addresses of the recipients (which will never be shared with a third party) and then indicate that your list is complete by clicking 'Done Adding Participants'
  2. (optional) Add buying rules. This is useful if you don't want husbands buying for wives, for example.
  3. Start the event! Everyone will be sent e-mails letting them know who they should buy for.

Why did you make this website?

I have three nieces, three nephews, three siblings, two parents, a girlfriend, a brother-in-law, a sister-in-law, and countless friends with whom I celebrate Christmas. It's freaking expensive to buy gifts for all of them! To make it cheaper and more fun, we do a Secret Santa event. The problem is, to keep things secret, we all either have to be present to put our names in a hat and draw them, or we blow the surprise. Either way it's more work than it should be. I made this website so that we can just do it by e-mail this Christmas. It's just way easier. Since I was already doing it for my family, I thought I'd make it publicly available.

The guy behind it

Tres Spicher

My name is Tres Spicher and I'm a software craftsman in beautiful Boulder, Colorado. I built the Secret Santa Generator website for the reasons above, and also to keep my skills sharp as a developer and because it's fun.

Some words of praise

"It's the best generator I've seen!' -- Van

"Thank you so much for creating this page! Every year we have the same problem that you explained on your page! Like one brother is half way across the country and can't be there to draw a name so one of us has to tell him and ruin the surprise! But I am super grateful for the ability to add rules! Two of my sisters are no longer speaking and I couldn't use other sites in case they got each others names! I am so glad that you included this in your page! I am excited to be surprised at Christmas this year, because I usually know at least half if not all of who has who by Christmas time. I hope this year will be different. THANKS A BUNCH!" -- Lacey