draw names for your gift exchange

Help! I didn't get my e-mail

Be sure to check your spam folder. Sometimes the gift assignment e-mails unfortunately end up there. If it's still not there, try going to http://www.secretsantagenerator.net/events/lookup to have another one sent. If that still doesn't work, contact me and I'll help you out.

Does this site have a wish list feature?

Not just yet! I'm working on it and will launch it as soon as I have time.

Are the buying rules I make visible to everyone?

No, only you can see the rules while you are creating them. After that, they are private.

Can I edit e-mail addresses after the event has started if I enter an incorrect one?

Yes, just click the link in your e-mail and you should see a page with links to change e-mail addresses.

Is this completely secret (ie, if I set up the event, I don't have to know who has who, and the participants will be automatically emailed)?

Yep that's correct in theory! You'll get an e-mail with a link to manage your event --- don't worry, you don't have to see the gift assignments, but it'll tell you who has confirmed and allow you to change any e-mail addresses you may have entered wrong.

The only wrinkle is if somehow someone doesn't get their e-mail, in which case you might be forced to check the gift assignments and let them know who they got.

What's the chat thingy on the bottom?

Sometimes I hang around on GChat and it sends messages straight to me, so you can ask questions if you have them. It's been great getting feedback directly from the users. (psssst... although it's great getting bug reports or hearing about problems, I also love hearing about it when you're happy =)